Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to Recognize Human2 at Barkworld

Iffen u r going to BarkWorld dis weekend look fur ma Human2 & sez HI to herz.

Dis iz how u can re-COG-i-nize herz.

1. Herz will be hangin out wif ma standin kitty @EdgarDaKitty.

2. Herz will most likely be wearin a BorisKitty.com Who Rescued Who T-shirt (mite be black or grey)

3. If dem 2 fings don't stand out enuff fur u dis iz wot herz looks like.

So hunt herz down n sez Hi! We look forward to meetin u all at BarkWorldExpo!


  1. Katie Cat11:10 PM

    She is most certainly NOT expendable! She does a great job of taking your dictation!

  2. I can see that this will be very helpful! I better do one for mom tomorrow.

  3. Hai Human2 and EdgarDaKitty! I knows both of you! Has a grate time at BarkWorldExpo. I is looking forward to hearing all about it.

  4. I will sure try to find Human2 and say hello!!!

  5. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Hi Human two wish we could go meet you *sign* have fun at #Barkworld SeattleP

  6. @BigBoyBosco's mom should be packing around my stunt double...he looks just like me so don't worry about recognizing him. I hope my stand-in can get a pic with Human2 & Edgar!

  7. M sure wishes she could go to meet all the humans. It was nice seeing her picture anyway. HI human!!

  8. Hi, Boris' Human2. HOpe you have a great time at Barkworld. We like your t-shirt logo. Who's the cute cat on it? We're just joking. Of course, it's Boris.