Friday, August 06, 2010

Busy Day wif Bissell

Ma humanz been needin a vacuum for sumtime now. We tried winnin one from Bissell in der contest, but no lucks. I even prakticed ma posin for bein on da Bissell box, but still no such lucks. Well ma humanz finally gotted tired of our sucky sucky-upper & come home today wif dis new one. I halped Human2 put it togetter but dat was before I knew wot wuz in dat box!

I wuz not so sure I wuz gonna like dis fing once it wuz all putted together. Humanz sez it to clean up all our kitteh hairs from out of da carpets. (Why dey called carPETS iffen dey not for pet hairs?)

Well dis iz my favorite spot to sleep & hide from thunderstorms. Az you can clearly see it iz COVERED in ma soft white under belly furs.

Dis ma favorite spot once dat Bissell Pet Hair Eraser® Vacuum gotted hold of it! Now I gonna hab to put all my furs back under der.

Look at dis fur. Dat iz all just frum ma sleepin spot! Can you believe dat? So since dis vacuum wuz so AMAZING ma humanz did da rest of da red carpet den went in & did da green livin room carpet too. Dey were even gonna pull out dat utter big sucky fing wot steams clean all da kitteh smell out of da carpets. Fank goodness dey sed we'll do dat tomorrow!

Well we gibbin dis 4 out of 4 paws for cleanin so good. But we gotted it at Target & da box wuz a little smashed so da vacuum inside haz a crack in the plastik just where the handle attaches (so dis one mite be goin back but we will get anutter one exactly like it --- wifout da crack of course).


  1. Wow, that thing sure did capture lots of that fur!!!

  2. I get scared to the bones with the vac- I hate it!

  3. That is amazing. Now you can start putting hairs on the carpet again

  4. Boris! my peeps has the same baccuum cleaner. dey has had it for a couple years now, and it still gets up all my lil furs. dey jus lubs it!

  5. There's enough hair there to make another cat. MOL

  6. Anonymous12:50 PM

    Boris, that is one powerful vacuume!!!

  7. I will hab u all know I hab been sleepin under dat table in ma spot tryin to puts all ma hairs back where dey belongs!