Monday, August 16, 2010

Team Jedi Heading to BarkWorld

We are headin to BarkWorld in Atlanta, GA dis weekend. (Ok I stayin home while I sends Human2 and Edgar da Kitty to say hai to all ma anipal furends).

Human2 & Edgar will be travel wif our pal @yoda_the_dog's mom in a GMC Terrain fanks to da #GMCBarknRide thru #Barkworld.

So follow r adventures on Twitter cause dey goona be loads of fun!


  1. Flat Brian will see Edgar da Kitty and Human2 there! I have a BarkWorld Post today too!

  2. You will have a blast. I'm sad tho, cuz Edgar get's to go, but I don't.

  3. Go Team Jedi! Youz gonna haz so much funs I will be following you on twitta for shure.