Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stayed at Artmore Hotel For BarkWorld Expo

Da Artmore Hotel iz in the middle of Atlanta's Cultural Arts District and it certainly reflects dat. Very artsy fartsy. Da design haz a Spanish Mediterranean feel to it. Dat iz our GMC Terrain for da GMC Bark n Ride. Fanks GMC!

Dey had a loverly entrance dat just makes you want to hang out on da porch for awhile. dis hotel is pet friendly but human2 did not take me along.

Dis da lobby also very welcoming and very trendy. You could hang out here or at da bar. Dey had old moovies playin on dat TV 24/7 (no you can enjoy your company or da music). One nite da Swiss Family Robinson wuz playin.

The rooms were very nicely furnished, but da best fing about dem were da beds (really wot else do you need in a hotel room besides da bed....o and wifi). Human2 had da best night sleeps ever in dat bed and dem pillows were just PAWSUM.

Da humanz arrived at nite and dis wuz da first fing dey seed. Den when dey headed to da lobby dey felt like dey were going into a night club.

I finks it would be hard fur da folks who werk nights here to do der job, but da lightin iz purrty cool.

Human2 had a beary nice stay at da Artmore & would recommends it to anyone traveling to Atlanta.

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  1. Dat sure looks like a pawsome hotel! My mom would have liked it too but she never would take me anywhere. She's scared I'll run away and get lost. Da beds look wunnerful. Why is it dat hotel pillows are so comfortable? Purrs