Thursday, July 15, 2010

Getting in Ma Kritter Kondo

I was outside wif Human2 and I runned to da front of the house near the top of the steps where I am not supposed to go. Herz come runnin down affer me so I plopped over and gotted all cute like dis and sez....I was being good honest. don't take me inside.

Human2 picked me up and tooked me back to the back of da house. Herz told me I could stay out but I had to go in ma Kritter Kondo. So I wuz told to waits rite here until herz gotted it out of da garage and set it up for me. (Dat wot iz so cool about da Kritter Kondo, it iz so easy to set up -- it goes up in minutes!)

As soon as Human2 unzipped da case I sneaked over to see what was goin on once da Kondo was out I was in! MOL And there I sit til ma Kritter Kondo was all set up.

Soon as it was ready for me Human2 opened the door and before herz could turn to picks me up I got and headed right for that open door!

I was a little worried about dat door before I got inside. But it did not stop me. I kept going.

So in I goes and in I stays.

After I gots comfy Human2 finished up herz yard work and we stayed outside watching birds and squirrels for a long time wif me all safe and sound inside ma Kritter Kondo Outdoor Cat Enclosure.


  1. That is a very nice condo! We would like one like it!

  2. Hee hee! you are such a good kitty Boris! I fall over and play cute when I do a zoomie out the back door too; mama has to peel me off the patio.

  3. I always heabe a sigh of reliefs when you is in your condo coz I hold my brefs when you can run around loose, you noggty boy. I no want nuttin to happin to you coz you be my good furrend. You be nice and safe in you condo.

  4. You sure had a great time and you are lucky to have such a nice condo Boris!

  5. I'm glad you're safe in your kritter condo! I just can't imagine you getting in trouble for anything... *snickers*

    I really like to do the "play cute when you're in trouble" trick on Mom, too. I do that all the time. Works like a charm!

  6. Wow, a spaceship for your purrthday and a garden condo, too? You are a furry lucky and spoiled kitty!