Sunday, August 22, 2010

Caturday Shibbering Cheetos Concert

First da humanz did explain how dem Shibbering Cheetos comed to be. Dey did hab a very nice presentashuns on da Cheetos and wut dey r doing wif Lub2Rock.

4 dogs, 3 cities, 1 dream = Shibbering Cheetos! After da talk da Cheetos did hab a LIVE concert right der at BarkWorld.

Its da Cheetos LIVE in concert. Look at all da fans!

BlindMaximus and Edgar hanging out wif da Hookalopes!

Joined by Yoda the dog, George the Duck and Mattie dog. ..... Den it gets really crazy...just like dem PawPawties. MOL


  1. OMD! Mattiedog's mom is holding my double up in the air! I feel so famous! BOL!

  2. BOL!!! Rook at my momma wif a bwa on her head! Now she knows what I feel like when I play my gigs - it's cwazy land! How fun and thanks for sharin!


  3. Looks like everyone had a great time - I had a good time too just attending on Twitter.