Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Da Dangers of Christmas

Christmas iz a fun time wif all da decorashuns, musik, cookin and fambly. But it can be a very dangerous n sumtimes skeery time fur kitthes.

Case in point, ma pal Nacho here did eated sumfin off a Christmouse wreath wot haz caused a blockage and hims mite have to have surgery to fix it. He iz terrible sick and in da anipal hospital! Please sends ur pwayers hiz way.

Sumfings wot are bad fur kittehs during da holidays include decorashuns like tinsel and ribbons wot can cause intestinal blocakges too. (And never ever pull a string out da back end of a cat or dog az it could be knotted around hiz insides n pullin would only make it much worser. Go to the V-E-T fur halp.)

Da lectric cords fur lites look good to nom but kittehs could be burned or ded if dey put da bitey on dem!

Many plants iz poisonous ta kittehs n should no be in da house at all, but if dey iz keep out of kittehs reach. Poisonous plants include Holly, Poinsettias, Pine Trees, Mistletoe and many others.

Holiday choclates is nommy fur u hoomans but no fur da kittehs n puppehs keeps it away. And iffen u haz anything sugarfree locks it away (Anyfing wif Xylitol iz beary beary toxic to pets).

Peeple foods iz no pet foods. Keeps turkey & chicken bones out of ur pet's reach. Dey can splinter n hurts ur pets insides bad.

Keep candles off tables n out of kittehs reach when lit az a curious kitteh can eazily catches hims furs on fire afore u even nose it iz happenin.

So u can sees how dis jolly time of year could turn no-so-jolly rite qwik! Keep u pets safe n haz a beary merry xmas dis year!


  1. Thanks for your great advice, Boris. I sure hope Nacho will be okay. I'm purring for him!

  2. Thank you for all the advise. We will send purrs for Nacho!