Monday, December 07, 2009

Pawsum Prezzies in da Mails!

I gotted mails! One of dem iz ROYAL! Do dat mean it frum a queen? Waits it smells like a kitteh!??!!

I fink I nose who dat card is frum. It frum ma twin sisfur in Londons, Englands (dat where dat Doctor Who doz come frums). So I guess ma Royal mails iz frum da QUEEN!

Fanks u fur da beary nice xmas card. But wot iz in dat box? It iz a PAWSUM holiday blankie frum da folks at Lainie's Pawtiques (alzo knowned az da cookie fairy n mehbe nao da blankie fairy!) Dis blankie wuz anutter prezzie frum ma sisfur in da UK! How herz plan dat? Fur dat box ta shows up same days az ma card???

Dis beary fine fuzzy blankies iz just da rite size for a big ole moose likes me! MOL


  1. That is a very pretty blanket. We got Royal mail, too!

  2. Boris.... you look very handsome sitting on that new blankie.


  3. That's one comfy looking blankie!!

  4. Anonymous3:50 PM

    What a great blanket, good for you Boris...vist me today to enter to win a catnip toy gift basket!

  5. Dat is a pawsome blankie Boris, keep you nice and cozy in the cold weathers,

    Love Petie