Saturday, December 12, 2009

Da Tauntaun Did Gets Here

Az you kin see by dat big box behinds me dat da Tauntaun sleepin bag wot we order like ten minutes ago did arrives from I still finks da haz a star trekky type transporter fur ta gets dem packages here so fasts. I best gib da boxes a gud once over ta make sure everyfing in order...

Upon closer inspekshuns i doz sees sum damges ta dis here lil box! Mayhaps it wuz a transported accident? Or stepped on a Wookie? Or bearly survivued a Wampa attak? Hopes da contents do be okai. (Mostly okai little bits of damage will send transporter chief's report to da geeks at on Monday during normal ship operashuns.)

Edgar wuz all excited n gotted in his Star Wars jammies while we waited for Human2 ta inspekts everyfings n gets da Tauntaun Sleepin Bag spred out on da sofas fur us. We iz such geek kittehs.

I do lubs gettin into da underneath of blankies n makin snuggly tunnels in dem, but look at all dem guts inside dis blankie!

I will trust tries da top fur nao...o hai der iz alreddy sum1 in here! Edgar did beated me to da punch. Silly kitteh. Dat okai I checks out da utter end. Dis fing iz big enuff fur both of us.

Dis iz pawsumly soft n skwishy. I did spends lots of times massaging da tauntaun n purrin whilst i dids it.

Edgar n I do gib dis here blankie 4 paws out of 4 paws! It iz wunnerful fun. We lubs it so much da humanz will haz ta just waits der turn! Fank u ThinkGeek habbin dis here pawsum sleepy bags made even tho it just started out az one of u silly april fools jokes...wot u coming up wif fur dis year?

More pikshurs of our sleepy bags arrival over at facebook


  1. Heee Heee that is such a cuddly looking sleeping bag Boris, i bet you stay nice and warms in there

    Love Petie

  2. That is really cute! Pretty nice of your owner to get that for you.

  3. That is so cute! i will have to show this to my grandsons!

  4. Anonymous5:26 PM

    That is a very cool sleeping bag...very lucky!

  5. Pawsome sleeping bag. I could use one in my hidey spot (hint, hint, mom...)

  6. What a cool place to curl up and sleep! Our daddy thought it was a very geeky bag and laughed a lot.

    Charlemagne and Tamar