Wednesday, December 23, 2009

More Prezzies....I Lub Xmouse

I gotted dis package frum @BabyPatches momma's stores. It iz frum ma kitteh pal Petie, but he tolded human2 dat it wuz ta go under da xmas tree.

I finks dat wuz beary sneaky of dat Petie ta goes behind ma back n makes ma human promise such a fing! Bad Petie....sides we not hab a tree dis year....

But herz did wot himz asked and putted ma prezzies under da tree any way! Pffft!

I tried ta open wif out herz halp, but den herz moved every fing up hi...

Herz even gotted dat Edgar Claus to halp make sure I dunt opens it!


  1. Waiting is really hard to do. There is this giant hoof on top of the shelf mocking me.

  2. It is so hard to wait, but it is almost here

  3. Grate idea hasing a Lego Chrissmuss tree! When the boy was little mom would not let him has a toy gun to play with so he maded himself one out of Legos. Gotta luv those Legos!