Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Gotted Prezzie Frum Down Under

I gotted a box frum all da way on da utter sides of the da werlds! Ma pals frum Australia did sends me a gifty, but human2 saids i could no hab it until xmas. I thoughted it wuz xmouse alreddy!

Puhleez can i habs ma prezzy??? I really really wants it. Puhleez???

Purrty puhleez?

I won't pounce on da old sicky sisfur....i pwomise.

I cute lil pesty snoot werked. Human2 did break down n open da box...

I gotted a new furend frum down under! I hoppy kangerooo. Fank u Sadie & Cleo (& ur humanz!)


  1. That is a cute hoppy kangaroo! That is a nice present from your friends!

  2. Your new friend is really cute!!

  3. Looks like ya got yourself a nice new friend :)

  4. Wow, pawsome kangaroo from down under, Boris! I has never seened one afore. (Good job workin Human2 like that - I is very impressed with your moochin skills.)