Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ma Kritter Kondo Did Arrive

I gotted a Kritter Kondo outdoor cat enclosure so I can be safe when I go outsides wif ma humanz!

I hads to inspekts ma Kritter Kondo beary gud.

Gettin a betterer looks at dis fing.

Is dis how u supposed ta use dis. Human2 sez no, we haz ta set it up.

So I halped herz sets it up...

WOW dis iz big n spacious. I gonna likes bein outsides in dis fing.

Plenty of room in here....come join me, kai?

Dis iz comfy comfy....

Room ta play wif da toys....

dat darned Edgar did sneaks up n locks da door on me!

But den hims asided to come in wif me n see wot dis cool fing iz. Ma sisfurs did stop by n checks it out too! We all gib it 4 paws up. We can no waits ta gets outside wif it!

Human2 even crawled inside here wif me! Den herz thought herz would see how qwik hers could puts it away. So Bela n I did halp her out wif dat....


  1. Very kewl, Boris! But I think you is going to has to wate to use it outside coz it be snowing and raining tomorrows.

  2. WOW! you are a real pro Kritter Kat Kondo owner. I hope you enjoy it lots and catch many sunpuddles. The shade canopy will be a nice addition in the spring.

    Thanks so much Boris!

    Lisa, Madi & Abi
    The Kritter Kommunity

  3. So cute! It looks like you guys are all set up now with everything you need! Toys, a fun place to hang out in & relax! Lucky cats! Meow

  4. Wow - I'm jealous. You look like you are really enjoying it too.

  5. How cool is that Boris!!

    (from the Rumblemummy: I never noticed that cute marking on your head before Boris! That is SO SWEET!!!)

  6. That is a cool outside condo! It is bigger than ours!

  7. Boris is one lucky kitty that his momma bought him a Kritter Kondo. Nothing like living in the lap of luxury, Boris!

  8. NICE, Boris!! Your kritterkondo is so cool!! do they make those with garages? cuz I need ones for my car & motorcycle.. hahaha!! HUGS!

  9. Oh what fun! Enjoy your new enclosure, Boris!
    Happy New Year!

  10. Wow, it looks like they are really loving their Kritter Kondo already! Congrats, it's a great product!

  11. Very cool way to travel in style!!!

  12. WOW! You set it all by your self! That is so cool! I love muine- I hope you have lots of fun in your new Kondo!

  13. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Hey, that sure looks good...when can it go outside???

  14. That is cool! Maybe Meowm will get us one of those and we can go outside too!