Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Squirrels on Ma Doors

Az u can see dis iz why ma humanz haz ta replacin da mini blinds all da time at our house. But it not ma faults when der iz sumfing out der teazin me! N dunt u worries, I iz an expert mini blind ripper upper so der iz no chance of me hurtin ma self in dem.

I hads ta try n gets a betterer look at wot wuz out der on ma door makin all dat noises.

Human1 wuz home frum werks n opened da blind up to see wot i wuz affer. It wuz a baby squirrel wot wuz hangin on da screen door! He wuz teasin me from way up der at da top of da door -- see da yellow arrow pointin at he squirrel tail?

Den comes da real excitements when he started comin down da door towards me!

I reached up ta tries n get he but he wuz too far up der! I a tall boy but not dat tall no ways.

But den he did come way down close ta me afore runnin off into da street den ups a tree on da utter sides. I fink he wuz sayin nah nah nah az he did runs frum me!


  1. Anonymous12:57 PM

    That is the most exciting Squirrel post ever!!!

  2. OMC how furry funny! I bets you tolds him he wuz tresspassin!
    (Jigsaw haz da same kinda fing happen wif little lizards!)

  3. That is one cheeky squirrel

  4. Wow -- why do your humans even bother with the mini blinds?! *giggles*

    I bet you'll catch that squirrel outside sometime, Boris, and then you'll show him who's boss.

  5. No wonner the skwerrel runned away. I see the reflekshun of your laser eyes in the door window! You was meaning bizzness wif that skwerrel!

  6. Has your buddy come back again?

  7. I just realized(after seeing these pics several times) that your human made sure to lock the door AND use the chain so you couldn't open the door to get that squirrel...snicker...