Friday, April 08, 2011

Halp HSBC Gets a Robot fur da Kittehs

Da Humane Society of Berks did sends dis in der last newsletter....

A New Way to Help HSBC Animals
Interact with and Entertain Our Cats from Your PC
iPet Companion is a novel program that lets you remotely control a robotic toy in a playroom full of adoptable cats from any PC. Try it out at the Oregon Humane Society.

We don't have an iPet yet because the cost is a bit prohibitive, but we can't imagine a cooler way to interact with our adoptable cats and keep them exercised. And it's not all fun and games: statistics show that shelters with an iPet have drastically increased adoption rates because of the exposure their pets receive.

So, want to help us get one and improve our already stellar adoption rates?  It's easy: click the "Help Us Help Them" animation in the corner of the iPet live feed (after you're finished playing with those kittens) and follow the simple instructions.

With a little bit of luck and a lot of support, we can introduce this cutting-edge technology to the HSBC! 

So I did go and play wif da kittehs. It iz lots of fun and I could seed how dis would gets more people in to look at da kittehs in real life too. Dem robots costs $5200. Dats a lotta kitteh foods. So u can seed why dey iz askin fur us to halp dem by donatin. (I gonna donates soon az human2 turns herz back and I can gets herz wallet.) To donate go to Oregon Humane Society and play wif da kittehs (u will need to download/install microsoft's silverlight (or wotever it iz called -- but it a safe program to use) and when u are dun either click on da Help Us Help Them image. (when the controls disappear it comes back see ma top pikshur).

You will be taken to a two page explanashuns of wot dis robotic kitteh toy iz and who da company iz wot makes dem. Den iffen u wanna halp Humane Society of Berks County get one click on donate heart at bottom (see ma pikshur below).

Now you will seed a form (see bleow) to donates. fill it out and please choose Humane Society of Berks County from the drop down box so dey will hab da moneys credited to der account. I would ABSOLUTELY LUB to seed dem get dis. Can u halps us?


  1. Mom is gonna check it out, but it will have to wait until Monday since our home computer is so darned slow.

    BTW - we aren't sure if we told you this, but Maestro was adopted from used to live in Reading!!

  2. OMC i did not knows u dopted from HSBC dat pawsum!!!

  3. Whoa! That's wild! Those kittehs will be famous if they get that robot! :)