Friday, April 01, 2011

April Fools Jokes On Me

Today God did pull a fast one on me. It iz April 1st. Spring iz sposed to be here but I did gets snow all ovah ma Kritter Kondo dis morning! Dat iz not right I tellz ya --- It gots to be a joke no?

Sum of da bestest jokes today comed from Toshiba wif der introducshuns of da PetBook K9 laptop computer and ThinkGeek's Playmobil Apple Store playset. Google also did der annual joke (but it not as funny az past ones) wif Gmail Motion.  YouTube did a 1911 vershun of der videos wif a purrty cool overlay on da videos wot makes dem look old timey. But da biggest and well played pranks were for da Bronx Zoo Cobra. Animal Planet announced a Bronx Zoo Cobra TV deal,a cookin show on Cookin Channel,  Bronx Zoo cobra took over Ryan Seacrest's verified twitter account, and shows us how da Bronx Zoo Cobra haz takened over da World.

Today wuz fun....well except fur dat snow joke!


  1. Anonymous11:31 PM

    We had our snow last night and most of it melted by this morning!

  2. Khyra the Sibe was thrilled for today's snow. Personally, we'd side with you on this and think it a joke, but you know how Sibes are about snow.

  3. Dat was a pretty good joke God paid on you pal.

  4. THose are funny April Fool's jokes! Not the one that nature played on you, though!