Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Fanks U From SCIFIpawty Charity

I gotted a beary nice letter from da folks at One By One Cat Rescue da utter day and I wanted to shares it wif all ma pals wot comed to SCIFIpawty and wot donated money, pwizes and der time. Fanks to u we were able to makes dem kittehs lives betterer.

Boris Kitty & Kelly too,

Thanks to all your hard work and love for the cats, One By One received a check from FirstGiving for $1,533.33 from your SCIFIpawty!   Boris Kitty's SCIFIpawty was Pawsum!

Boris expressed his appreciation to everyone - "I cannot sez fanks u enuff to everybuddy wot halped out wif dis event.", we'll add to that by saying, thank you Boris & Kelly, we are overwhelmed by your kindness!!!

thank you so very much,
Karen (One by One)


  1. Oh Boris - we're so happy your Sifi was such a great success and you were able to donate a nice sum to your favorite charity. You worked so hard to put on the pawty - it was so fun.

  2. I'm so glad da shelter acknowledged all ur hard work. Sometimes we don't hear from shelters. Maybe I'm not around enuff & miss them. Shelters are so lucky to have pals like you raising money for dem. Purrs

  3. It's nice to hear from those that the anipals help. Actually, this is the 1st acknowledgement I've heard of. Thank you for letting us know. :)