Monday, April 04, 2011

Hangin Wif Da Foster Sisfurs

Ok so I did not really "hang" wif da foster sisfur, more like herz butted into ma business. I wuz watchin birdies out ma window when all of da sudden dat PK wuz up der rite aside me. Pfffffft.

Me and PK

Yesterday I gotted da whole upstairs all to ma self cause da fosters gotted a skeered of da big sucky fing and hided in da basement. Human1 tried to makes dem come up to meet JB Hippo but dat did not werk to good and off dey went to hide again.

PK n Drizzle hiding in basement.

So human2 had to play wif ma Neko Flies kittenator wif dem to unspook dem affer dey comed out of hidin (dis time in a closet upstairs --- silly girls). And herz played wif dem again tonight when herz gotted home from werk. Wot am I? Chopped liver? O now I iz hungry...

I did gets to play fishy wishy wif human2 fur awhiles --- well until da fosters poked der noses into to dat too!


  1. Sounds like the fosters are getting comfortable in your house now. Guess that's the downside of having sibs - you dont' get all the attention anymore. I probably wouldn't like dat either.

  2. You poor, poor, neglected Boris! Those fosters are just messing everything up for you and hogging Human2, too!

    I say you need to figure out how to work the sucky thing yourself. Send 'em to the basement full time...

  3. Go easy on 'em, they can't help it if they like you ~ you're just too gosh dang likeable!