Friday, April 29, 2011

A Hairball By Any Other Name Iz Still Me

Human2 always sez "We haz da technology. We can rebuild him" every time herz uses da furminator on me cause herz gets enuff fur to build a new kitteh.

So dis time herz did rebuild me! Here u can seed ma Mini Me made frum ma very own furs.

I am finkin of puttin it on eBay n sellin it fur charity like William Shatner did hiz kidney stone. MOL..

So all i did use to makes ma Mini Me wuz a Furminator and Human2's paws. Nuffin else. Well of course ma wunnerful shiny furs. MOL

Dis iz ma final inspekshuns of ma fur-self afore we sended da pikshur off to Romeo the Cat. You can see utter hairball critters ovah at (go ahed & check dem out).

Today iz National Hairball Awareness day and while our critters iz fun hairballs iz not. Did u knows...
  • A cat spends 30% of its life grooming.
  • Hairballs are caused when cats ingest hair during grooming. FURminator tools remove the loose hair from cats’ fur, which reduces the hairball problems and minimizes resulting constipation issues.
  • Diets rich in fatty acids, like omegas 3 and 6, promote a healthy, shiny coat, which can help your pet shed less overall.
  • Shedding is a natural process so you can’t eliminate shedding, but you can reduce it by up to 90% with FURminator deShedding products.


  1. Boris! That is so cute and uh, kinda gross all at the same time! BOL! ;)

  2. Mini you is very cute. And he doesn't eat much.

    Have a great weekend.

    pawhugs, Max

  3. I know I already commented on this but I had to add: Girl says she vacuumed so much dog hair out of a vehicle today she thought of this post and is pretty sure she could have molded an entire sled dog team. O.o

  4. OMD, Boris, that mini you do be a purrfect stunt dubbull! Amazing werk of art, I tell you. But I must ask, those balls next to the mini you - do those be mini hairballs mini you hacked up?

  5. Oh, no, we're late visiting you and your fur creature. We think it's cute.

  6. MOL! Excellent! You make a mini ball and mousie toy too?