Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pet Bloggers Card Pack from TokiPoki.com

Last year I did meets Toki from TokiPoik.com at BlogPaws. Dey haz a really cool site and da best part iz u can order trading cards for your pet. So dat's exactly wot we did. Az dis year progressed we learned about all the great fings TokiPoki.com doz for humanz and animals alike. They have great contest like the Halloween cards and Now the Bunny Hop cards and they make packs to take to children's hospitals. How cool is that?

Here's anutter great way to halp. When u buy a Pet Bloggers Pack of 10 cards for only $5 HALF of dat goes to charity. Dat cost includes shipping too. Oh and da best part....yours truly iz in da Pet Bloggers Pack. So iffen u thought u would neber eber hab a Boris Kitty trading card well nows your chance to not only gets one but get started on a whole collekshun of animal bloggers.


  1. I loves my cards pal.

  2. I just bought a blogger pack, but I don't think I'm gonna do a bunny pack. Too many cards. I think I'll just do one new card a year.