Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June iz Adopt A Shelter Cat Month

Okai, i nose you haz alreddy seed ma posty about dat adordable kitteh Socks over at da Humane Society of Berks County....so why isn't herz adopted yet? It iz Adopt a Shelter Cat Month affer all!

Can no adopting just yet, but still wanna do sumfing fur u local shelter kitties? Get dem a case of scratchers from ImperialCat.com dey will lub u fur it n u will feels good doing sumfin fur kitties wot iz less fortunates den u.

Des r great quality scratchers wot tells da werld "ADOPT ME" right on dem. You gets 20 scratchers for only $20 and dey will send dem directly to da shelter of your choice (just enlarge dat image fur more info).

We did just ordering up two cases of scratchers (dat a case more den we did last year) so we will be splitting dem and sharing among several shelters dis time round!  And dunt worries we will showing pikshures of all da kittehs lubbing der new scratchers cause we likes to pawsonally delivering dem.

Tomorrows I iz posting more adordable kittehs available fur adoptions at Humane Society of Berks County so watch out fur loads of cuteness!


  1. Very nice of you Boris. I hope the project goes well and kitties det lots of scritches.

  2. Those look pretty cool...we'll check it out. Good info Boris...as always!

  3. Neat! Great idea. I, too, hope it goes well with it.