Friday, June 18, 2010

Adopt a Shelter Kitty Month Continues Meet Tony

Human2 did meets dis adorable lil kitten down at da Humane Society of Berks County when herz wented down der on Friday mornin to halp out wif da kittehs. He iz so cutes playin wif da toys Human2 tooks along to donating from us (doggies gotted sum good noms too).

He lubbed dis toy it iz da Catfisher Whipper Snapper Wand Cat Toy wot we gotted from az donashuns fur us to takes to da shelter.

Dis lil whipper snapper sure do likes dat Catfisher Whipper Snapper Wand Cat Toy from Fat Cat toys.

See dat utter toy back der....dat iz a Kitty Hoots Catfisher Bobber az u can see in da bottom pikshure hims liked dat too!

More whipper snapper pikshures MOL!

We donated a blue one of des turbo scratchers for da utter adoption rooms. We finks all kittehs should hab a chance to play wif dis wunnerful toy! Sum utter nice purrson bringed in more scratcher refills fur dem kittehs to hab dis green one back in der room too!

Dis iz some of da Kitty Hoots Catfisher Bobber akshuns wot Tony did gib us. Be sure to check out his videos  and PLEASE sumbuddy adopting dis sweet lil guy. He would makes any forever home a happy home dat fur sures!


  1. Awww, those kitties are so adorable. I do hope dey will find good homes like we has.

  2. We hopw they all get homes this month!