Sunday, June 06, 2010

Public Service Announcement: MeowMonday & WoofWednesday How To

MeowMonday & WoofWednesday How To Guide.

I wuz checkin out ma Google search stats and seed dat sumone finded my bloggy search for dis phrase, "how do u do woof wednesday on twitter".

As a noo kitteh on Twitter it did takes me a whiles to figger out wot all dem #MeowMonday and #WoofWednesday posts were. So I thoughted mehbe I would makes a qwik post here to halp out sum utter noo anipals on Twitter.

First and foremost des iz shout outs on twitter to ur pals and sum times to halp intoduce noo anipals to others (although dis one iz usually dun on #FollowFriday).

Des Tweets usually wish a single tweep or group of tweeps a happy #MeowMonday or #WoofWednesday. Da pound (#) sign iz used to denote a Twitter hashtag, which in turn will make it a search term link wif in dat post so you can see utter tweeps tweets!

Often #MeowMonday are used to sez hai to kittehs and  #WoofWednesday are used to sez hai to doggies, but i likes to mix it up and sez hai to whoever i wants! Der iz also a #TeddyTuesday fur all ma plushie pals out der too!

So I hopes is halps a little fur ever wuz searchin fur halp wif "how do u do woof wednesday on twitter"! Here iz an example fur tomorrows #meowmonday...

Happy #MeowMonday to ma pals: @kittehboi @morriscat @GeorgeTheDuck @SphynxAll @SantinaKitteh  Hab a Day!


  1. This was a great idea Boris. Sometimes we forget what it was like to be new on Twitter!

  2. Great post, Boris! Very informative!

  3. Great idea Boris. Wish I would have seen something like this when i first started on Twitter. It does get confusing.

  4. Well done Boris. You're pretty smart... think you can help us figure out the can opener?

  5. Great job Boris, but you forgot one of my favs...#TunaTuesday ><(((º>