Sunday, April 04, 2010

A Beary Hoppy Easter

I did no nose dat da Jackalope wuz also da Easter Bunny! Who noo?!?! Mehbe he will cleans ma winder for me (see all dem Boris nose prints on da glass, heeheehee).

I gotted sum beary nice fings fur Easter frum ma furends. @jazzydacat sended me dat cute sleepy bunbun card all da ways frum Englands! And ma pal @ZackRabbit did makes me doz loverly origami flowers wif dat pawsum card (see it iz Jedi Zachary and Jedi Boris on da fronts). Den Human2 & I did build dat fun LEGO @ZackRabbit dis morning afore our egg hunts.

Edgar & Human2 did tries to makes special Boris nommy eggs fur ma egg hunts but I could sniff out da treats afore dey wuz even dun filling da eggs. I did jumps up on da counter hunting da salmon noms & finded all da eggs. Edgar did praktis hidin da egg in ma cat grass but i did finds it!

Edgar sneak out & hidded all da salmon nom easter eggies fur me in da big tall grasses...all da better to nom da grasses when dey is tall u nose.

Dey wuz supposed to be "hard to finds" eggs. But I did finds one rite qwik! (ez fur me to sniffs dem out since der iz nommy salmon inside!)

Tolds u dis tall grasses wuz purrfekt fur nommin!

Human2 did lets me open up da egg and eats da salmon out of it rite where I did finds it!

And here I am finishin up anutter nommy one! I did not nose findin eggies could be so much fun.

Fanks u Edgar fur play Easter Bunny today.



  1. That's wonderful! I'm so glad yall are having fun. Hoppy Easter!
    *ducky hugs*

  2. Darling Boris

    You is just so cutie pie, I could eateds you all up wiv ma love!!!

    Love you!!

    Jazzy XXXXX

  3. Happy Easter, Boris!!! I see, the bunny got you some nice presents!!! I send some Easter (((hugs))) :-)

  4. That is really cool! I bet I would be a good Easter egg hunter since I find stuff with my nose all the time. :) Girl loved this post so much she made her mom read it too!

  5. You shore did has a wonnerful Easter! Those is some grate gifties and that Lego @zackrabbit looks so real. Luv his toofers!

  6. Anonymous5:54 PM

    we love this post, Edgar is so cool and your mom made you eggs with salmon!!!! That is beyond awesome...Mom says we are gonna have chicken tonight.

  7. You sure had some bunny fun Boris, Hoppy Easter!

  8. We can see that you had a very good Easter Egg hunt!

  9. yah! you got da flowers! and Edgarkitty looks so cute as a bunny! I'm glad u had fun finding da salmon eggs! HUGS

  10. Dem flowers iz pawsum! Fanks u so much. Human2 iz askeered I will nom dem so dey iz stayin out of reach from ma pawpaws.

  11. Wow That was quite an Easter. And you have your own personal Easter bunny! Awesome!