Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Foster Families For Da Animal Rescue League Gets Noticed

Doz u remember dat big dog Lloyd wot wuz in da play wif ma human1 last year? We gibbed him a gift basket fur being da star of da show, member? Himz wuz being foster by a great fambly & then gotted a forever home. Well his peeple dat fostered he were honored wif an artikle in our local paper.

Foster families give dogs chance for adoption - New program places 50 canines; most get homes by By Ron Devlin of the Reading Eagle.

Da artikle mentions Lloyd and how he wuz in da musical...

Lloyd, an 8-year-old, black Lab-chow mix, was a bit of a ham. Pink Floyd, as he was nicknamed, had a walk-on part in "Camelot" at Reading Area Community College.

And da noo rescue dey iz fosterin haz a sad tales to tell...

The little beagle was abandoned in an animal carrier along a Berks County roadside after a February snowstorm.

She was shivering and alone, with only a bowl of dog food to sustain her. A note fastened to the carrier revealed her name - Mama.

In the six weeks Mama has been at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County shelter, the 6-year-old beagle has undergone one crisis after another - pneumonia, a slipped disc and, most recently, a mammary gland tumor.

Despite her misfortune, Mama has finally found a measure of comfort and love in the home of Scott and Christine Graber of Lower Heidelberg Township.

Da artikle even talks about how dis way sweet college student gets a foster program started at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County (u no wanna nose wot happens to dem unadoptible doggies if dey no go to foster homes).

Tocker, who had taken home a 17-year-old chihuahua, figured that if she was willing to foster, others might be, too. Her instincts proved right.

Eleven Berks families currently are fostering elderly dogs, most of which suffer from at least one illness or medical condition. Typically, the animals need dental work, are afflicted with diabetes or have tumors.

The Rescue League pays for medical care and assures foster families the dog can be returned if there are any problems. Some dogs were adopted within a week or so of being declared healthy, others spend up to eight months with foster families.

YAY! for great peeples likes da Grabers for fostering des animals and for Marcy Tocker & da ARL for getting dis foster home program started!

Pahleez Member DON'T SHOP - ADOPT!!!


  1. You got that right Boris, YAY! for all the humans that take the time to care and love!!!

  2. I think I'm living proof of how important it is to adopt. Look at the GREAT foster family I had and how they helped me find my forever and ever Mom! Wonderful doggies out there have bad lives just 'cause of peoples...not any fault of their own. (Of course my life sure isn't too bad right now...*snickers*)

    So I totally agree. Yeah for the people who are helping animals and fostering! Don't shop...adopt!

  3. YAY for the folks who do the fostering. What a great service they provide to all the anipals.