Sunday, April 11, 2010

Halp Holly Get a Forever & Ever Home Plz

Dis bootiful kitteh iz named Holly. Herz iz 6 years old. herz wuz handed over to da Humane Society of Berks County on 3/21/2010 cause herz owner did hab too many kittehs to cares fur.

Herz iz a brown tabby wif white face, paws & hind leggies. Herz iz sooooo affekshunate & lubs being petted & groomed. See fur ur self in dis video.

Herz iz microchipped, spayed & up to dates on all herz shots. In utter werds herz iz reddy to moove rite in to a noo furever & ever home.

Herz iz beary curious az all kittehs iz (see video) and just da sweetest fing human2 did play wif herz fur over half an hour. (Would hab been more but herz needed to go to da ARL az well.)

Looks at dem purrty markins on dis putty tat! MEOWZA!

We finks herz haz a beary purrty snoot too & not just cause it cute likes mine....MOL.


I iz beggin u ta purrty pahleeze go to da Humane Society of Berks County & adopting dis precious kitteh cat. Trust us one visit wif herz & u will falls in lub wif her.


  1. wow its hard to see these posting. makes us wish we had more space and budget. :((

  2. Anonymous7:29 PM

    She is pretty...I'm not supposed to have any more cats. But Look at those eyes!

  3. I keep trying to convince Mom to get me a kitty. No luck so far. I'm gonna be sure she sees these cute pictures, though. Maybe that'll help convince her...

  4. She is a beauty! We are purring that she gets a furever home soon.

  5. She is a beauty Boris. I HOPE she finds a new home. Paws crossed here in New Zealand.

  6. i'm in love! she even looks a little like you.