Saturday, April 10, 2010

April May Bring Flowers But It Also Brings Donations

Today we did loads up da car wif loads of donashuns for da puppehs & kittehs at da local shelters here in Reading, PA. Da donashuns do come to us from moneys we raised online wif Sponsored Tweets and direct donashuns from, Inc.

We hads so many fings to gib dem dat we wuz able to go to two different shelters. We wented to both da Animal Rescue League of Berks County and da Humane Society of Berks County az well.

It wuz really hards werk loadin all dem goodies in da car. So I did hab to takes a nice big rest afore sending human2 out on herz mission to deliverin all dem goodies.

Below iz only a small sample of da kittehs wot gotted toys frum our visit to da Animal Rescue League. We did gib da four big colonies at da ARL scratchers den handed out toys to all dem utter kittehs. (We even had toys lefted over so any dat were out at doptshun days could gets sumfin when dey comes back to da shelter). 

 Dis cutie iz Tanner he a sweet little babeh (we haz more pikshures dey will be posted soon).

Come back tomorrows fur more donashuns dis time we'll see kittehs from Humane Society. Sorry we did no plays wif pups dis time, but dey gotted a TON of treats frum us &! Fanks u.


  1. That is so wonderful to see Boris, it makes my whiskers grin up! Bravo!!!

  2. How sweet you are, Boris!

  3. You are such a giving kitty!