Friday, April 30, 2010

National Hairball Awareness Day

Today is National Hairball Awareness sponsored by dem folks from FURminator.

Hairballs can be a big problem for cats. Not just the hacking dem up all over da place but vomiting and constipation iz a result of hairballs too.

I for one iz prone to havin poopy problems cause of hairballs!

We kittehs spend 90% of our waking hours groomin ourselves. So I finds it hard to believe dat any kitteh out der would not alreddy nose about hairballs (but der humanz might needs a lessen or 2 about dem).

Best hairball preventions is daily brushing from our humans. FURminator nose dis and makes a dang gud product to halp get rid of dem loose hairs so we cats dunt swallows it during oru bafs.

Along wif daily brushings and hair removals, kittehs should use a product like Petromalt wot will halp get rid of hairballs alreddy in u system. Petromalt halps me out when I get constipashuns and I likes da flavors of it (but i haz ma human trained to gib me little kibble size glops off herz fingers...dat iz fun!)

As always hab fresh water handy at all times for kittehs to drinks. Cat grass will also halp kittehs naturally expell dem hairballs.

So celebrates National Hairball Awareness Day wif us and put a stop to nasty hairball messes!


  1. I asked my floofy sisters to come up with something special for National Hairball Awareness Day. Yuck! Gotta be careful what you ask for these days! Have a wonderful weekend Boris!!!

  2. I'm so glad you posted that freind. M didn't know dat cats could choke on dem. That's very good information to know.

  3. We're celebrating today too!!