Friday, January 14, 2011

Why One by One Cat Rescue?

I haz has sum folks askin why I likes to donate stuff and go play wif da kittehs at One by One Cat Rescue. Well da simple answer is dey doz a LOT of good for kittehs in ma area. But der iz a long answer too.

Way back when I wuz a babeh someone comed into da shed I shared wif ma litter mates and our mom cat. We wuz feral kittehs (u know da ones wot dunt especially likes peeple). Well da young guy wot founded us did not know dat ma Momcat would be back to move me and my brofur (we were da only tw left in da shed at da time) so he did wot he thought was right (more peeple needs to knows more about how to treat feral cats. please visit Alley Cat Allies for more information and how you can halp edumakates peeples) and he did scoop us up to try to find us homes. His Aunt lady took my brofur wot leaved me cold and alone inside an old cookie tin.

Da young guy and he girlfriend (ma now humanz neighbor) came ovah to ma humanz house (because dey is known da werld ovah fur bein crazy cat ladies -- MOL) and asked if dey wanted me. Dey alreddy had 3 senior cats and did not think dey wanted da responsibility of a wee kitten so dey said no, even tho I had gibbed dem ma best and cutest helpless kitten look. As da kids turned to leave dey started to talks about takin me down to da Humane Society. Dat did not sound too bad dey likes pets rite? Well Human2 did stop dem kids in der tracks and went inside to talk to Human1. I herd sumfing about humane  society and puttin to sleep. I did not likes da sound of dat so boy wuz a relieved when dem two bigger humanz came back out and said dey would take me.

Well first dey needed to find out how old I wuz cause i wuz just a wee little fing and needed to get me some nmos and a place to sleeps. So Human2 did jump on da fing called da pooter and looked stuff up. Human1 wented to da garage to get a carrier to make a nest fur me (ma first mancat cave) and to separate me frum da old lady cats. Human2 started making calls den sent human1 off to da store for baby formula cause da pet store wuz closed. I wuz gibbed noms and a warm bed I wuz happy.

Da humanz stayed up talking. Dey wuz still not sure about keepin me. Dey said sumfin about weaning me den findin me a forever home. Human2 tried callin da kitteh rescues. dey said, "no sorry we are full". Human2 gotted to talk to sum1 from One By One who offered great advice, but still said dey could not take me.  We know dey iz always takin in kittehs from all ovah and it hard to find sumone wot can and will take a kitten that needs to be hand fed. So we not hates dem. dem sezzin NO turned out to be da bestest fing to eber happen to me and da Humanz. Az da weeks went by and dey could not find anybody who would take me (not dat dey tried too hard mind you), dey started to fall in lub wif ma cute little snoot. (can u blame dem?)

So all because One By One Cat Rescue turned me down ovah five years ago I now haz da bestest forever home I could ever hab. Fank u One By One.

So dat iz why I try ma hardest to halp dem and da kittehs dey can halp. won't you please join me and make a dnation to halp da kittehs? No matter da amount it all halps. Please halp me sez fanks u wif a lil donashun today.


  1. Oh my...we heard Teri squeeeein' when she saws your cutipatootie lil face there! We are glads, too, that your beans decided to help and then keep are a furry lucky kitty, Boris!

  2. Uh, no offense, Boris, but I think this post is just a thinly-veiled excuse to show off your cute baby pic! BOL!

  3. Boris - that is a great story. Our mom does the rescue thing too (that persian from our blog and those kitten/chickens in the bathroom). It can be hard and we love that you support those local rescues as much as you do!!

  4. OMC Boris - how could you peeps not keep you. You were such a cutie as a kitten - and sitll are.

  5. Squeee! You were such a precious bebeh!