Thursday, January 20, 2011

Love Do Be In Da Air...

...and I finks it be contagious. MOL

Valentine's Day do be acomin a I did not knows dat u can gets Valentine's cards to hands out fur ur beary special Valentine's.

I knowed nuthin about dem cards til today so I sended Human2 ovah to to checks dem out. We finks dey iz purrty darned nifty idea. Wot's so cool iz u could gets dem fur kids or adults and gib dem to ANYBUDDY wot u wants to be ur Valentine's dis year.

So iffen u iz a TokiPoki member head ovah and get u sum VD cards. Iffen ur not a member join up and gets ur self sum regular cards as well as Valentine's cards or buy a variety pack just to seed how cool dey iz. You will be glad u did.


  1. I love your VD card Boris!! I could never top that!!

  2. Darn - M says I can't get any cuz she won't buy postage for dem. Said I can only do Christmas cards. Your's sure is cool tho.