Monday, January 10, 2011

Lamar Did Gets a Forever Home

Friday when Human2 did drop off donashuns at da Humane Society of Berks County in Reading, PA, herz wented in and played wif several kitties. Among dem wuz Lamar, a beary sweet boy. We wuz gonna using dis post to halp he get a forever home, but we don't have to da HSBC website sez ADOPTED (dis wot der site sez: ADOPTED!!! 32354 Lamar) !!! YAY fur u Lamar. So we just gonna show him off.

Handsum boy waitin fur a home.

So happy he gotted dat home he wuz lookin fur.

Beary Curious.

Beary Sweet

Since you missed out on Lamar why not Meet Stuart Den Go Adopt Stuart?


  1. Lamar is very handsome. We are so happy he got a home!

  2. That do be furry kewl that Lamar woz gotcha'd and has hims furever home now.

  3. Who could resist such a handsome fella?

  4. Another cutie. We're happy Lamar found a home.

  5. Lovely, lucky's nice to be apurrciated!