Thursday, July 01, 2010

Dat Shawnee Qweshun Game

Ma pal Shawnee gotted a qweshun game (Marley's Kwestshuns Game) on herz bloggy n passed it on to me. Now herz q & a iz different from da qweshuns herz did askin me to answer so hed over to herz bloggy fur a fun read too! Seems I haz to answer Shawnee's 5 qweshuns den come up wif 5 of ma own for 5 more friends. Dis could be funs.

1.  Wot be you fave toy or stuffie? Well dat one iz ez u always hearin me talkin bout ma fishy wishy. well dat doz be ma favorite toy ever. I haz so many toys but I alway comes back to ma first lub, ma fishy wisy!

2.  Wot is the one thing you would most like to change about the werld? I would likes fur all da homeless kittehs and puppehs out der to gets good lubbin forever & ever homes!

3.  If'n you could has one super powah, wot would it be? I would likes to fly likes supah kitteh! so I could go see all ma anipals!

4.  Wot is you most skeered of? Big loud boom booms, likes fireworks and thunders! I has to hides under the dining room tables (likes dats gonna halp!)

5.  Wot does you see in the pikshur below? I sees a skeery skull-face moster wif claw hands and big feets  wif two lil poodles minions!

    So now I gets to ask 5 qweshuns to 5 utter friends. So here iz ma 5 friends: GeorgetheDuck, BlindMaximus, kittehboijazzydacat, and Quadpawd.

    And here be ur 5 qweshuns....

    1. wot human doz u lub da mostest?
    2. where iz ur favorite nappin spot?
    3. ever put da bitey on sumone? who? and why?
    4. doz u hab a sekret hidey spot?
    5. why u lub da Boris Kitty? dis a trik qweshun!


    1. Funny Q & A's. I specially liked the supah kitteh.

    2. I liked your answers Boris, ya done good!

    3. BOL! Grate anssers, Boris! This woz kwite educashonal for me coz I had no ideer so many kittehs wanted super flying powahs! No wonner yous is always watching the burdies so closely trying to figger out how they does it.

    4. Boris you are right - we did answer two questions the same! It was such a fun game. I would have figured you would see some alien or monster in the inky thing!