Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Gotted 2 Mails Yesterday

I did gets two big envelopes in da mails yesterday and both were clearly addressed to me. I not gonna lets ma humanz hab either one even tho dey tellz me dez iz human fings. I sez dey iz ma fings!

First I gotted a way cool poster of dat sexy Bettie Page and it do be made of cloth.

See dat sweet note dat @geekgirldiva did sends me? *Purrs* Fanks u for da fun contesty!

I had to gib it a real close inspekshun. Dat iz one sexy lady...MEOW. I doz believe dat dis will look purrty gud in ma Man Cat Cave.

O yay...i likes dis poster.

Da utter package did hab a booky in it wif a PAWSUM title: Cat's Claw.  It iz writed by Amber Benson wot did play Tara on da Buffy da Vampire Slayer TV show...see? How cool iz dat?

I did fink I needed to shows off ma claws too since da book iz called Cat's Claw...MOL

I finks we gonna lub dis book. Human2 iz gonna read it to me iffen i eber lets go of it.

Dunt try to takes ma booky away from me!


  1. That is just pawsome mail you did get Boris!!

    love petie

  2. Oh, dat Bettie Page lady is reeeeeeeal purrty. Yup, dat will look good in yoor mancat cave!

  3. Those are some cool presents, Boris. (But wouldn't that book be cooler if it squeaked?!)

    I love the pic of you laying on your poster!

  4. Nobody gonna take your book away, are they my friend!

  5. Pawsome presents..... And, of course, you are the purrrrfect one to show them off. Great job!

  6. Boy did you hit the jackpot!!!

  7. Jackpot is right Boris - you really hit it. Congratulations on all the neat prizes.

  8. You got come cool mail! That looks like a very interesting book!

  9. You are so photogenic, my friend. To show your paw with the Cat's Claw book was a great idea. Keep your presents body, don't let anyone take them away (only the book to read it to you.)