Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Up Up Up in Da Air fur Pups

BlogPaws did open up wif sum amazing feets....and dem feets wuz nekkid and way up in da air!

Dems feets belong to Kyla Duffy of Happy Tails Books and dis aerial fabric performance wuz parts of Up For Pups. Dis wuz great entertainments wif a purpose not only did you gets to see dem amazing feets der wuz a tear-jerking slide presentation too.

Da Up For Pups website sez dey gonna takes dis act on da road next year (or da next) so be sure to look for dem.


  1. Oh how exciting. Hope they come to our city.

  2. OMC... that lady is hanging from the ceiling. Oh-oh... careful.



  3. How cool! Looks like she put her best foot forward fur sure!