Friday, October 29, 2010

Black Cats Have a Bad Rep

KittehBoi (aka Mr Breeze)
Da beautiful black kitties out der have (& doggies too) have had a rather had time over da centuries. There iz tons of superstitious peeples wot think a black kitty will bring bad luck. Dat's not true! But it iz finking like dat wot makes dem hard to adopt out and they sit in shelters longer den utter kitties. Wot iz just heart breakin.

Human2 had a black cat way back afore us wot wuz her bestest (& sumtimes onliest) friend growing up. Her name wuz Cleopatra (named affer a witches kitty in sum moovie H2's mommy had watch....see wot I means).

Ma pal Romeo the Cat has been celebrating the Black Cat all week long and showcasing sum beary handsum house panthers too. Go on ovah to his website & check dem out.

Halloween iz a fun time fur humanz but sum of dem use dis time to doz harm to animals and black cats in particular need to watch out. So have your humanz keep you safe in doors dis weekend. I wants all ma black anipals safes & sound come Monday morning!


  1. My kitty brother Simon is all black and mom loves him to death! She's had him longer than she's had DAD!!! And as a mostly black dog, I can say, we rock!!

  2. Black cats totally rock!

  3. The shelters around here won't adopt out black cats in October because bad people use them in satanic rituals. There are many people around here who sacrifice animals in this day and age.

  4. Black Kitties do get a bad rap, and I don't know why. M's first kitty was all black excep[t for a tiny piece of white under his chin. He was a lovely cat and didn't bring any bad luck at all.

  5. i luvs dat Mr. Breeze and all black kittehs!