Saturday, October 16, 2010

Boris Teams Up Wif Iams To Donate More Meals

I knows you all knows about dat Iams Home 4 the Holidays (cause I did tell you abouts in ma last bloggy post:Every Animal Wants a Home 4 the Holidays ).

Part of der Adoption Drive iz also a food drive to donate bowls of foods to shelters.

Only two weeks into Iams Home 4 the Holidays and dey haz had 51,235 Adoptions and donated 7,297 meals.

I haz teamed up wif dem nice peoples at Iams to increase dem meal donations wif da halp of ma pals on Twitter.

For da next week (7 days) every tweet & retweet wot haz da hashtag #BorisIH4TH dey will donate 10 bowls. Dat's right 10 meals fur hungry anipals!

So let's start spreading da werd about Iams Home 4 the Holidays and usin dat hashtag #BorisIH4TH.

I will lets you all know how many we did raise at da end of da week!

I finks we can fill up lots of food bowls dis week, wot u finks?

Please start tweeting and dunt furgets dat hashtag #BorisIH4TH.

10/21/10 UPDATE: We hab tweeted  #BorisIH4TH 3132 times -- wot means so far we hab donated 31,320 meals! We still tweet until Saturday so keep it going ok?

10/23/10 UPDATE: Drum roll of 10-23-10...Iams haz record of 4,806 tweets of #BorisIH4TH...that is a whopping 48,060 meals to animal shelters in need!!!


  1. HA! I found out at #PawPawty before I read your blog!

  2. Hope iams has a lot of food!

  3. WOW now dat a deal. I will start using the hashtag.

  4. This is great, thanks Boris!

  5. I just fownd owt abowt dis. Dat's very pawsum. I'll be sure to hashtag!

  6. Yeah! I'm gonna chat away for sure!

  7. Quite encouraging task you guys are doing...