Sunday, October 10, 2010

Boris Shows You How Not To Use a Kritter Kondo

Dis iz NOT how u use ur Kritter Kondo! Just meowin.

I was chasing a buggy. MOL


  1. Actually that does kind of look like fun Boris!

  2. *snickers* Looks like fun, even if it's NOT the way you're supposed to use your Kritter Kondo!

  3. Looks like you're having fun, Boris!

  4. Dear Boris,

    Glad to see you having fun with your Kritter Kondo:). Your posts always do put a smile on my face!

    You are so photogenic - you should totally have your humans submit a picture of you to the Lifetime Photo Contest. The deadline is October 14th, so I'm trying to spread the word to all the cool cats out there!

    Just submit a pic and you can win everything from cash to a one-year supply of cat food:).

    Check out all the details here:

    Thanks and best of luck!

  5. I not gibbin up ma rights to ma pikshur. so i not entering dat contest.

    see der crappy rules:

    Photo and Description must be the entrants' original, previously unpublished work, and all entries (including Photo) become the property of Sponsor, will not be acknowledged or returned and may be used by Sponsor in any manner or media in perpetuity without compensation.

  6. You are so charismatic and funny Boris, you need to have your own meow show or something. Sometime after Ellen but before Oprah. You rock kitty!!!!

    Lisa, Madi and Abi

  7. did u get dat bug boris??? i hopes so!! *hi-paws* on dat left jab... hehe