Monday, October 25, 2010

Az Dey Sez DUNT SHOP ADOPT: A Blog Hop for For Food

Ma humanz haz rescued all us kitties in sum form or utter although now us us were officially adopted via shelter or rescue. Livin in Pennsylvania in da middle of all da Amish puppy mills haz really opened our eyes about adoptions and the need to stop dem bad puppy (& kitty) breeders.

Through halpin rescue us kitties Human2 haz gotted involved wif da local Humane Society & Rescue League. We hab no more room but we would bring dem all home iffen we could. So we doz our best to promote adoptions thru rescues & shelters when ever we can!

We halp by donating much needed items as well as just plain fun fings fur kittehs & doggies. We takes treats and toys over and spend time wif da animals. Dat iz called socializing dem. When dey r good wif people dey can more easily be adopted.

So even iffen u can no adopt during da Iams Home 4 the Holidays adoption drive dis year u can still make a difference by volunteering at a shelter, attending events (& sharing ur experiences to halp raise awareness) or even sponsor an animal in a shelter.

Get out der & make a difference. Be the Change!

Attn: dis be a Blogging 4 Bowls Blog Hop Post
This particular blog hop is a way that participating bloggers can help get 100 bowls of food contributed to a shelter in need. For every IH4tH blog post entered into this blog hop, Iams will contribute 100 bowls of food to an Iams Home 4 the Holidays shelter in need!


  1. Very true, Boris. If we each do however much or little we're able to do, the animals benefit.

  2. Interesting. One would think the Amish would be good breeders, considering they are religious and all. We will always go shelter cats, too.

  3. You are so wonderful to help all the ways you can!