Saturday, May 01, 2010

Spending Caturday Outside wif ma Peeps

I gotted to go outside today affer da mail comed (I gotted prezzies tell you all abouts dem tomorrow) and human1 gotted home from running errands. Da humanz had to mow n whack dem weeds afore i could go out too. But den I gotted to go outsides and hang in ma Kritter Kondo for a couple of hours while dey did work in da yard.

I did get to watch birdies and buggies from ma Kritter Kondo but did not see any squirrels at all. Wunder where dem squirrels wuz hiding on such a bootiful day like today. Here are sum of da fings I seed while I wuz in da safety of ma Kritter Kondo...

Boy did dis guy make some noise when he did lands. Hims a dove not a pigeon btu dey iz beary similar.

Dat beary same tree did hab a nasty case of ants livin in it. humans did sprays a little but dey gonna hab to call sum1 afore da tree falls on da house.

And der where little tweety birds dat did not likes dat I wuz so close to der nests. Dey did fly down at me n tweet den fly into da tree or over to da neighbors house like dis guy did.

When da humans were dun workings I wuz allowed out of da Kritter Kondo so I could check out der werk.

I just lub hidin under da lilac bush. It ma beary own jungle where de humanz dunt go. But soon it did warm up and I went up to da porch to kick back and relax a bit.

But u nose wot? dem birdies would not leave me alone long enough to get a nap in. So I did sneak up to da edge of da front porch to see wot da heck wuz going on.

Well I guess da nice warm spring day did get dem birdies frisky cause dey wuz up in dat tree kissing! Yep dat wot dey wuz doin I doz no tells tales! See fur u self....

U mite haz to biggify da pikshur but u can clearly see dem birdies K-I-S-S-I-N-G....Human2 sez herz will tells me all about da birds and da bees  sum time when I iz old enuff.


  1. I love the jungle picture. You eyes are the same color as the leaves. We can tell you had a great adventure outside!

  2. Mai, goodness, but you had and exciting buzy day, Boris!
    Wot a nice kritter kondo you haz! And you gotted lots of grreat pickchurs of all da neat fings you got to look at.
    We bet you iz ready fur a long nappy abowt now.
    MOL Sweet dreams, furriend!

  3. I love your kritter kondo. It looks pretty neat. Do you mind being in it? You has lots of interesting things to watch in your back yard.

  4. i likes ma Kritter Kondo. I haz to test all sides when i first get in it but den i settle down and lub it.

    Today a loud skeery truck comed down da alley n i did really want out of ma kondo but dat wuz da trucks fault not ma kondos fault ... MOL

  5. you are such a good model for photos Boris! Thanks for the Kritter Kondo love. We also love the photo of you on your back with your leg up. POSER!!!

    Lisa, Madi and Abi

  6. What a great bloggy post Boris. You is such a photgenic kitteh. I so glad you did have funs outside in your kritterkondo.

    Love Petie the Cat

  7. Kritter Kondo looks like such a cool way to spend time outside, we want one too!!
    Your human takes such cool pictures!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  8. Those are such great pictures Boris, I can tell you are having a fun weekend.

  9. Anonymous9:48 AM

    OOOooo, I would like to try that condo...Mom took me out last week (see "X" blog post, Blood on the Babygate) but it had a bad ending. --David

  10. Ohhh...I love the "Boris in the bush" picture! Your humans should frame that one for you, buddy.