Friday, May 28, 2010

Chasing Squirrels n Meeting Humanz

I gotted a visitor today. It wuz ma twitter pal @kittehboi's human. Herz comed just to visit wif me  (& mehbe Human2 a little bit too).

When herz comed up da walk we were outside playin and human2 said Boris u haz a visitor and I did run rite over to Leslie to sez hello.

I did ma bestest to show off for ma visitor (who can attest dat I iz indeedy a big ole moose kitteh).

While we were outsides I did spots a squirrel in ma back yard! I crouched down and twitched ma tail likes crazy den i made ma moove. I runned down da yard and chased dat squirrel rite up a tree! He hung over a branch and made squirrel yellin noises at me. So I looked up at he and made kitteh chirpy noises back at he. kkkkch kkkch kkkch.


  1. You did good protecting your visitor from that evil squirrel!

  2. It sure is nice that she came to visit with you! See, you're something special fur sure!

  3. How very nice for you to meet Leslie. I love meeting the hoomans of my anipal friends - but I've only met one and dat was @Mama_Gerbil. You are really good at chasing squirrels. I'm very impressed.

  4. Since you can climb trees, maybe you can help me catch one of those squirrels!