Thursday, February 24, 2011

Neko Flies R Pawsum

Human two comed home wif des fings called Neko Flies. At first i just thoughted not anutter wand toy. I alreddy haz da most pawsum Da Bird, wot i needs wif a nutter wand toy.

Well lets me tell u dis iz not just anutter wand toy. It iz da wand toy to end all wand toys.

Da Neko Flies haz flewed into ma heart n dey iz der to stay.

I did catch da Kragonfly toy. It beary sturdy buggy.

Kung Fu Kitteh will defeats da great Kragonfly monster!

HAI dat kragonfly did escapes frum ma grasp.

Nom nom nom dis kragonfly be tasty.

I canno qwite reach it....

...mehbe iffen i turns like dis?

It werk! I did gets it.

And  I not lettin it go. MOL

I sedz I not lettin it go! I will bitey u wif ma fangs.

Da kragonfly by Neko Flies did put up wif a lot of ruff playin frum me. It iz beary durable. I did put da bitey on da wings but only made small holes no tears. I gonna hab loads of fun wif dis fing. Now to order up a few other attachments for it so I can haz a wide variety of toys all in one.

Check out ma video of how a lazy boy plays wif his Neko Flies. Hai I wuz all worn out from jumpin n chasin it afore da camera comed out. Honest.


  1. I is so glad you did not do those judo chop suey kung foo moves and biteys while I woz there or I would has been way skeered.

  2. We gotta get a new one as Disco chewed the wings off our last one...but it's still fun, even without the wings! We see you gots some other nice toys too!

  3. THat looks like a pawsome toy!

  4. MOL - gonna have to get mom to look for one of those for us. You chase the fly like Ivy chases the laser pointer - great if it comes by her spot!

  5. Wooohoooo... I like that one. If the toy comes to you, why get up.

    Have a great weekend, pal.

    pawhugs, Max

  6. Hai everybuddy wot wants likes dem Neko Flies!

    Da nice people ovah at Neko Flies iz gibbin me one to gib away at SCIFIpawty. So you will hab a chance to win one!!!

  7. Shawnee I would neber eber use ma Kung Fooy moves on u!

  8. Thanks for the tip Boris!!! We need to get one of those asap, been too cooped up in the house all winter!

  9. OMC I lub diz!!! Going to get one now. It looks like a great way to burn off some Greenies!