Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dog Model Contest from EO Products

Sawry Shawnee u smelled of dog.
We all knows doggies are stinky and dey dunt groom dem selves like we kittehs do. So dey needs shampoos, conditioners and all dat to keeps der furs  clean and smelling good.

Well da folks at EO just launched a pet care product line and to halp u doggies get to knows da line dey iz habbin a contesty. And who doznt likes contesties???

Five dogs will be selected to receive EO's natural and organic dog shampoo, conditioner and groomer ($27.97 value). Head ovah to der site for all da details.

Hurry der contest ends March 8th and dat iz rite round da corner. So iffen u finks ur model qwality doggy get ur furry butt ovah to EO's site n facebook page and enter to win a pawsum pwize n be famouse!


  1. he he - sounds like good stuff, but I'm happy I don't has to use it.

  2. Well, duh, Boris, of course I smell like a dog. Now would it not be rilly weird if'n I smelled like a cow? And Pee Ess - YOU smell like a kitteh, so there!

  3. I bet sum days affer hikin thru cow fields u smell a bit like a cow sumtimes.

    And yes, yes I doz smell like a kitteh. (but kittehs smell GOOD, not like doggies. MOL)

  4. ps....shawnee u iz posin so nice der I bet u could win dat contesty