Friday, February 04, 2011

Pet Dental Health Month

February is Dental Health Month for pets and dis iz an issue near and dear to me. I hab several friends wot haz crossed da rainbow bridge affer habbing teeth cleanings or teeth problems. Bad teeth can seriously endanger your pets. So it doz be sumfin u need to takes care of on a daily basis. Not all cats or dogs will put up wif habbin der teeth brushed. Dat's where teeth cleaning treats like Greenies come in. Dey still might need a dental cleaning every once in awhile but Greenies will really halp reduce tartar and keep your pets mouth clean.

Here some more information about Greenies and Dental Health.

Veterinary Oral Health Council Distinguishes Pet Dental Products
Pet product peer to American Dental Association seal for humans assures efficacy

NASHVILLE, TNFebruary 1, 2011—With recent medical data indicating that good oral health can add years to a pet’s healthy lifespan, pet owners are becoming more proactive in caring for their pets’ teeth. February is National Pet Dental Health Month, but dental care is getting due focus year round. Though only one percent of dog owners brush their dogs’ teeth daily, last year 77 percent purchased dental treats, which are regarded as an easier and more enjoyable alternative to brushing. 1
But not all treats have been proven to work. As with the American Dental Association Seal on human toothpastes and toothbrushes, a special Seal of Acceptance by an organization called the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) provides confirmation of efficacy of the product. The VOHC Seal of Acceptance indicates that the product has met or exceeded the pre-set VOHC standards of efficacy in reducing dental plaque and/or tartar. 

 “There are a variety of pet treats and foods that claim to clean teeth, but not all products provide significant benefit,” says Dr. Jan Bellows, a leading veterinary dentist, diplomate and president-elect of the American Veterinary Dental College, the administrator of the VOHC. The VOHC created a seal of acceptance, which is only awarded to dental products proven effective by stringent clinical testing methodology. 

“The VOHC seal confirms a product is efficacious in reducing buildup of plaque and tartar, the leading cause of oral disease, which can reduce a pet’s healthy lifespan,” Dr. Bellows says. “Walk into any pet store and you will find dozens of treats that claim to clean teeth. While it’s easy to make teeth-cleaning claims, formulating a treat that significantly protects teeth is difficult. The VOHC seal is there to help pet owners and veterinarians recognize which products are proven to work.” 

Greenies Bones - Petite - 27 oz. - 765 g - 45 pk.The VOHC’s product testing protocols are similar to those of human medical trials that use a control and test group. For dental treat trials in dogs, for example, both groups utilize dogs with clean teeth that are fed a dry food diet, while only one group gets a daily dental treat. Plaque and tartar buildup are measured after 30 days and, if the test group shows significantly cleaner teeth, the seal is awarded to that treat.

GREENIES® Canine Dental Chews were the first brand of treats to receive the VOHC seal for both plaque and tartar control. GREENIES® Canine Dental Chews have a chewy texture that allows teeth to sink in for maximum tooth contact for cleaning efficacy.

About The Nutro Company
The Nutro Company is a leading manufacturer of natural* pet food products sold exclusively at pet specialty stores.  The company has been making "The World's Best Pet Food" for more than 80 years and is dedicated to quality, excellence and innovation in dog and cat nutrition, offering healthful formulas for every pet's life stage, activity level and size.  The Nutro Company's family of brands includes MAX®, NATURAL CHOICE® dog and cat foods and ULTRA™ food for dogs in addition to the GREENIES® brands, which include the #1 vet-recommended pet specialty dental chews** and PILL POCKETS® treats.  For more information, please visit and
1 2009-2010 American Pet Products Association’s Annual Pet Owner Survey; Oral Health Care Study of 766 Dog Owners, January 2011, Conducted by Trone® Research

*Natural fortified with added vitamins and minerals
**Among veterinarians that recommend dental chews/treats for at home oral care

®/™ Trademarks © The Nutro Company 2011. U.S. Pat. No. D587,428


  1. Disclaimer dis post wuz to halp AAHA Helping Pet’s Fund raise sum much needed moneys. (dey gets $25 from Greenies Brand -- see note below and watch fur ma tweets too!)

    · For every blog post written about VOHC, The GREENIES® Brand will donate $25 to the AAHA Helping Pet’s Fund

    · For every use of #VOHC on Twitter (either through an original post or a re-tweet), The GREENIES® Brand will donate $1 to the AAHA Helping Pet’s Fund.

  2. As you know, i'm toothless cuz of bad toothies. My peeps didn't know it until the day they adopted me. This is a subject near and dear to me heart too because of the problems I had. Fortunately, my problem was cought by our local veterinarian, and she referred us to a anipal dentist, where I got the best of care. The ooomans have to pay attention to their anipals toothies - they just must.

  3. Yes, it's very sad that some have gone to the bridge while getting their teeth cleaned.

  4. I wish the cat Greenies were a little bigger. I can see how the dog Greenies would be beneficial, but the Feline Greenies aren't much bigger than kibble. My cats just swallow them whole so it doesn't help their teeth much.

  5. Oh no... I hear the word 'Vet' and I think I might be going to get my teeth looked at today... hmm, maybe I need to eat LOTS of Greenies before I go? *hopeful look*

  6. Hi,

    Two things that can be done at home to prevent dental disease are chewing and brushing. The longer our pet chews, the more tartar and plaque will be removed and the cleaner and healthier its teeth will be. Thanks for sharing the information about Greenies will really help reduce tartar and keep our pets mouth clean.