Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Toy Warning for Dogs Stick Wif Dog Toys

Doz you remember da Melamine Pet Food Recall back in 2007? Well I wuz doin sum research fur ma warning about doggies playing wif people toys and finded out dat Melamine is a fire retardant.

It iz da fire retardants in kids toys dat makes dogs sick. See dis cute lil puppy on da right? Dis iz Giovanna (we calls herz Gigi) herz a sweet lil pup dog wot wuz gibbed a great big cute stuff dog fur Xmas (a few years affer we tooked dis pikshur). It wuz a kids toy and herz human not knowed not to gib dogs people toys. Gigi gotted sick. Herz started droolin and pantin. Dey took da toy away rite qwik and herz gotted betterer on herz own. But iffen herz had ingested any of dat toy dis story might not hab had a happy ending.

Like any dog Gigi likes her stuffies, but now herz parents knows to get herz safe toys wot are made fur dogs cause kids toys haz bad fur dogs flame retardant stuff in dem. Wot can cause kidney failure, like Melamine, or even complete organ shut down and death.

We read a while back about a dog wot wuz beary sick frum eatin toy fluffs and under went surgery to remove the blockage but da toy himz eated wuz a kids toy and when dey opened him up der wuz a liquid mass of gunk in hiz guts and hiz intestines were all black. Dis wuz caused by da fire retardants in da kids toy. Himz did not make it.

It iz important to know what iz in your pet's toys cause dogs chew, suck, lick and even ingest der dog toys. The site HealthyStuff.org halps us understand harmful substances that are found in every day fings including our pet's toys. Snopes.com doz not discount dis az just a rumor, but concludes dat it could be da pesticides instead of the flame retardants. Honestly I don't think either chemical could be good for a doggy to eats. DogTime.com says des chemicals build up in a doggy's system.

I wants all ma pals to stay safe while playing wif der toys. So please, please, please make sure ur toys are made specially fur doggies and come from a good pet store source likes DogToys.com, NipandBones.com, PetSmart, Petco or other pet supply store. But also be sure you iz gettin a good brand name dat stands behind der products. Stick wif Kong, Nylabone, Bamboo, Fat Cat, JW Pet and the like...you know da companies out der dat have been doing dis for years and years.


  1. This sounds VERY, VERY serious in my opinion, and since I'm Queen of Squeakies, I think my opinion counts...

    Thanks for warning us 'bout this, Boris!

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    Nubbin wiggles,

  3. OHC - I never knew dat about toys. So happy you posted this warning dear friend, cuz I bet lots of other families don't know dat either.

  4. I didn't know about all of that, Boris!! Thank you so much for letting us know so we can try to make sure no more doggies get sick! :(

  5. You need to be careful with PVC toys nowadays. Need to be aware of what's safe and what's not, before giving them to a child or to your pet.

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  6. Brilliant post. Very informative. I will try not to buy these stuff toys of doggies.