Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Visit Wif Kiki

Human2 wented to visit dat sweet lil kitty, Kiki wot wuz shot a while back. Herz doin ok but dem doctors not knows iffen dey will hab to remove da leg yet or not.

Herz wuz out of herz cage walkin around a lil bit while human2 wuz der. Herz getz around okie dokie. But boy does herz hab a big owie.

Such a cutie patootie.

Dat iz one heck of an owie.
Human2 did take ovah sum prezzies fur Kiki. We did gets her a comfy bed, blankie, warm cuddle pal, sum toys & most importantly we did gets her a Kritter Kondo. Wif da kondo herz will be able to go outside again and stay close to home safe and sound!

Kiki's mom wuz beary eggsited about gettin a Kondo for Kiki, but I finks Kiki gonna need a lil more time to get used to it away from strange peeple like human2.

Kiki did check out all her prezzies, but human2 did not wanna skeer wif da flashy box too much, but we did gets some pikshurs so u can seed how herz iz doin.

It iz understandable how herz could be a skeered of strangers now dat dis haz happened. I hopes da fun lubbin, kitteh wot acts like a doggy comes back soon.

Feelin good enuff to thwok an ornament off da tree.

Sayin hello to human2

Big stretches.

Kiki we lubs u and hopes u gets betterer & gets to keeps all ur paws!


  1. Dat is so cool. I's glad Kiki's doin better. She looks like a happy kitty.

  2. WE are glad she is doing so well. You are so good to give her presents!

  3. Purrlease git all betters soonest, Kiki. Yu haz lots of kittehs purring fur yu. Not all hoomanz is so mean like da one dat hurted yu. We hopes yu kin learn to trust agin an acksept all da luvins.

  4. What a sweet looking kitty. I hope she mends quickly!

  5. That was so nice of you and human2 to do all this for Kiki. I think when she's feeling better she's gonna love her Kritter Kondo. Lots of healing purrs to Kiki. And holiday love to you and human2.

  6. Poor sweet angel. What kind of monster would hurt such a lovely girl, I send purrs for everyone that helped her, and she's so lucky to get a Kondo!! I love mine!!

  7. Oh, what a sweet, sweet kitty Kiki is!

  8. It's so nice to hear Kiki is getting better. Poor little baby - those were nasty oomans you ran up against. But there are lots of good oomans in the world, so I hope you always meet nice ones from now on.

  9. That was just PAWEsome, Boris! Fanks U for sharing! #pawcircle healing wishes for Kiki!

  10. Beautiful Kiki, we purray you make a full recovery!!