Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Cards for Da Kitteh

I gotted so many Christmas cards frum all my anipals. It doz makes ma humanz jello-us dat I haz more den dem! MOL

Da little pile on ma right iz ma humanz...dis big pile ovah here on ma left iz all ma cards! I hab so many anipals it makes me PURR louds.

Looks at all dem purrty Christmas Cards I did gets. Dey did comes from all ovah da werld. I iz one lucky kitteh to haz so many furrends.

In sum of ma cards I did gets sum more cards fur ma collekshun. I gotted Mario, Buttons and Yoda.


  1. You did gets lots of cards!

  2. Wow, Boris, that do be a lot of cards. And you should dussn't furget to count your e-cards (you saw mine, rite?) coz they do count too then you has a gabillion more than your hooman!

  3. Shawnee u iz rite iffen i counts ma e-cards i did gets a gabillion more den da humanz.

    I gonna go and tease dem about dat now!

  4. Wow Boris! I bet you got more cards den your peeps did. Isn't Christmas fun.

  5. I've got more cards than my Mom, too. Woo hoo! I think that that this is proof that we're superior to our humans...don't you agree?