Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Woof Wednesday Twitter Contest

It do be Woof Wednesday and I iz habbin a contesty over on Twitter today at 3pm EST for all ma puppy pals! You could wins one of these great prize packs!

All u haz to do iz follow me (@BorisKitty) and be on twitter at 3pm EST

I nose I should hab told you guys sooner so u could all be here, but I just found out about dem cool pwizes today from! And I iz eggsited to gib dem away.

I finks dem pwizes doz looks like a gud idear wif all dis snows/rains we been habbin. Keep you puppeh dogs clean affer you go out to go potty in dis messy weather.

Dis will be like dem PawPawty contests (I fink) so get ready answer sum fun questions for to win dem pwizes.


  1. I mites hab a few extra smaller pwizes too! how coop iz dat!


  2. Yayyyy!!!! Thank you for the pretty pink scrubby set!!! Smooooooch!!!!

  3. What a pawsome contest! Good luck to everyone!

  4. Noooooo! I didn't know in time! AUGH!

    *sniffles* I need more toys...

  5. Oh no, I missed it...but that's okay, I'm not a woofie! But I do follow you on Twitter!

  6. The bell ba-bez (UK)10:28 PM

    Oh no boris, sorry but we (well mummy) isn't on twitter


    Me and my sinlings will be with you in spirit if that helps at all!

    Loadsa love hugs and purrs coming at ya, ten-fold!

    Eddie and the bell ba-bez xoxox