Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Top 10 Ways To Stop Da Cabin Fever Crazies

I lubs to sneaks outside & watch ma birdies or nom sum grasses, but wif all dis horrible snows we been habbin outsides is no funs. Being stuck inside haz caused me to haz a touch of da crazies (I iz runnin round like crazy man & chasing ma old lady sisfur cats through the house).

Here r ma top ten ways to halp stop da crazies when u iz cooped up inside too.

1. Watch sum TV. Yes kitties watch TV! We especially likes Animal Planet or videos like Catnip DVD or Cat Sitter DVDs. Dem videos are pawsum!

2. When TV not an option make sure your kitty can see out a window. I know dis time of year cold comes through windows, but a kitty likes to see wot iz goin on outsides.

3. Take a few minutes to play catch or fetch wif ur kitteh. Best fing for dis iz a crumpled up peace of paper. Paper balls can relieve da crazies dats for sure! If ur cat iz like me a crumpled dollar bill is most fun.

4. Get out a wand toy and wind up ur cat a bit. Wear him out enough fo naptime to come early.

5. You don't haz time to play? Dey get some kin of automated kitty toy to entertain your cat for you. I recommends da Tail Spin, Undercover Mouse and/or da Fling-ama-string. Dey iz all gud!

6. Squeaky mice. Da Play-n-Squeak mouse iz a kittehs best friend. U swat it & it squeaks at u. U sneak up & pounce & it squeaks at U. U fling it in da air & guess wot? It squeaks at u!

7. Treat toys. Dis iz a little like kitteh torture but in a gud way. Make us werk for r nom noms! But don't u forgets to gets sum nom noms.

8. Get da red Dot!!! Laser toys makes a whole different kind of crazy. Da gud kind of crazy.

9. Scratchers. Hab dem every where. Dat way kittehs will takes der aggressions out on da scratchers instead of ur furnitures.

10. So iffen dems still not werks u could always get yourself an outdoor cat enclosure & fling us outside! (psssst! dey werks inside too.)

I hopes des fings halp u out dis winter when u gets da cabin fever crazies.


  1. lol @ "flings us outside"

  2. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Boris, how did you get so smart?

  3. Great tips for the humans.

  4. very cute, I hope you stay warm today.
    And please stay clear of the yellow snow I see to my right :<)

    The Kritter Kommunity, LLC 1-888-8KONDOS

  5. YEAH!! RED DOT!!! We're not allowed to see the red dot any more because Rumbles gets 'over excited'. Maybe I come over there and play at your place Boris.


  6. This is a brilliant idea. Better go tweet about this!!

  7. Boris, do you know of any good things for doggies to do? I'm not a fan of laser pointer things. Of course, my personal list of 10 would include 10 different doggie toys... *snickers*

  8. Very good suggestions! Now how do we motivate Mom?

  9. We hope our mom reads this list!

  10. You are one smart mancat!!

  11. Very good instructions and we're passing them on to our Momma and Daddy!

    Charlemagne and Tamar