Friday, February 26, 2010

Werking on ScifPawty

I haz been a very buzy kitteh werkin on gettin everyfin ready fur ma SCIFIpawty on Twitter on March 13th. Man dis iz a LOT of werks. Dis will be beary similar to @FrugalDougal's PawPawty but on a minute scale. More info and stuffs coming soon!

Webby site still not der but it will be

Da twtVite page is up at:

Ma firstgiving page fur da donations iz up at:

Times will ruffly be 11am-8pm EST on March 13, 2010 (we go az long az ma human can stays at keyboard)

I needs halp wif DJs, Barktending, Trivia games (quizzies), and sekurity. LMK iffen u can halp on dat day and wot times. Sign up and schedules will be posted on da site

Der will be a costumey contesty too.

I hab several pwizes but iffen anyone wants to donates you can contact wif wot u would likes to donate.

Well back to it! Wanna haz dis reddy dis weekend. 3/13 comin up fast like Flash Gordon.


  1. I will be there! Live long and foster!

  2. You are my SUNSHINE Boris!!!

    Come see!

  3. This is going to be a GREAT pawty. We love sci fi in this house!