Thursday, February 25, 2010

Da Woof Wednesday Winners

I nose ma contesty wuz a surprize but I will habs more pwomise. I did hab funs wif all who did enters. Dunt furgets we gonna habs a #scifiPawty on twitter soon and you can win sum great stuff der too!

Nao on to da winners!

First up wuz dat purrty pink bath set from made by dem folks at Bamboo Pet and our winner wuz @SydPie. I Finks dat SydPie wuz beary eggsited to win dat pwize. Yes I doz. (U pwize will be in da mails 2day i finks az long az iz not closed cause of snows!).

Next up wuz da neato Blue Bath set from and winner for dat wuz...drumroll puhleez...@BaronVonOdem

(U pwize iz alreddy on its way via FedEx...dem folks over at do be a speedy bunch)

Well I wuz so eggsited and happy about ma contesty dat I did acide to hab sum runner up pwizes too! I did randomly choose 2 more winners from all wot played ma silly lil game, one from first game and da utter frum da second game.

So da runners up wot did win sum purrty cool pwizes too are... @
no_crybaby_doGs who did win a wash mitt & dryin towel likes our 1st 2 weiners...sawry winners...and @trailerparkdogs who iz still waitin to nose what fur surprize prize dey iz gettin (I not tellin it a sekret but i finks dem is gonna likes it).

Fanks agin all who did play and conCats to all dem fine winners!


  1. I luv da content I can't wait for da next one! Boris you is one cool cat! xxx

  2. Congratulations to the winners!

  3. YAY for the winners and the host with the most!