Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Da Crazies

Der iz dis noo movie comin out next week call Da Crazies. Every time we hears da commercial on TV we gets da giggles cause dat is wot Human2 calls it when I go runnin like a crazy boy thru da house.

Well I gotted Da Crazies in da mails yesterday. Okai so it wuzn't really addressed to me (but everyfing in dis house iz mine so there) and it wuz really comic books from da moovie peeples. But since I claimed dem az mine I thought I would share dem wif you.

Dey can in dis really cool biohazard bag. Wot wuz printed wif crazy fun fings on both sides.

Inside were 2 comic books based on da noo movie. (But da letter wot comed wif dem said der wuz four insides. I haz four pawpaws & der were not dat many comics in dat bag. I finks sumbuddy can no count.)

I guess I will lets Human2 read MY comics and post info over on when herz habs a free minute or two.


  1. Those commercials about that movie make our mommy reely skeered.

  2. Anonymous2:51 PM

    I hope that pig takes his revenge on...say...Oscar Mayer!

  3. Mom and I both covers our eyeballs when those commershuls come on. They is way skeery!

  4. Well, sometimes life seems crazy, but we haven't gotten any crazies in the mail. Is that good or bad?

  5. Wow - you're a brave kitty! Those comics look pretty scary to us.

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  6. Mom has not paid any attention to the commercials.Some one needs to count when they pack comic books!

  7. Mom got a big box in the mail the other day and I claimed it as mine. Big bummer, though -- no squeaky toys in the box. I was sad. Aren't all boxes from the mail man supposed to have squeaky toys in them?